Dear Friends,

We really need your help in the fight against the Common Core State (really, it should read “Federal”) Standards.
Please help the cause against the CCSS by completing the following steps:
 Pleasetake a moment to visit this website:

Once here, please click on the “Petition” button on the right to sign the petition. This has to be done by August 1, 2013 because the legislature will meet shortly thereafter. Time is of the essence.

Next, please click on the “Contact Governor Scott” button and kindly ask that he please help stop the Common Core State Standards.
Lastly, please use these links to identify your Florida House Representatives and Senators. Call them asking them for the same you asked of Governor Scott.


If you know of someone in another state, please let them know that the Federal government is trying to impose the same – unconstitutional and cost prohibitive – educational sub-standards in their state, unless they are one of the smart states to have effectively already defeated this. I know this takes time away from your already very limited time, but if we do not do it, then who?
Thank you so very much for all of your help and dedication. Thais Alvarez

Enlace para combatir la educacion "comun del gobierno federal"

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